Created by nature, each tree is unique and beautiful. Through exposure to wind, water, and sunlight, a tree carries a signature; a hallmark of its own special character.  Encouraging sustainability, I source all live edge lumber from reclaimed, recycled, reusable materials.  I uncover and restore the tree's unique details thereby transforming each piece into a living work of art.  I am honored to give trees a second life through this process. 

My goal is to allow the unique beauty of each tree to shine through in every piece of custom furniture. I strive to respect nature’s design by showcasing the signature and character of each piece of wood. Crafted as heirloom pieces with longevity in mind, my furniture is sure to be the center of attention in your space. For over two and a half decades, I have been designing and crafting pieces of livable art - furniture that fits your individual style and needs. Trained in traditional woodworking and carpentry methods, I am honored to continue this legacy through these custom pieces. 

Created by nature. Designed by man.


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