How to Select The Perfect Chair

What constitutes the perfect chair? A few things to consider when choosing the perfect chair.

I have designed and built numerous tables where the client brings a piece of furniture, i.e. a dining chair and says - “ I want you to create a table that best compliments this chair, both in form and function.” In this case the table was added to pair with the design and flow of the chair and not the other way round. A chair can be a statement piece and also very comfortable.

Here are my top 5 tips for selecting the perfect chair:

1. Choose the color that best suits your style and your environment. For example, if you have a minimalist style, stick to Scandinavian design, light and natural elements help to bring out the neutral tones of nature. This will help you keep it simple, organic and timeless.

2. Combine elements. The combination of solid wood and hand-woven paper cord seats bring together the use of material from the same source, but provide aspects and neutrality differently. You can also mix and match wood with alloys such as copper, brass, bronze and steel to produce a unique look all its own.

3. Place the utmost importance on form and comfort. You do not have to compromise comfort over form and vis verza. Finding a piece that looks as good as it feels is a win. Find something that you think looks good, and then feel it. How does it feel to the touch? What does it feel like sitting in it? if all feels well, then well?

4. Look underneath. Do you have a rug that allows function? Does it look amazing, but also allow the chairs to be tucked in with ease? Ensure that the chair is suitable for the pile of your rug.

5. Have a seat. Once you have narrowed your choose to a select few, take a moment to sit and find relaxation in it. Does the chair satisfy your desired position? Does it feel nice to the touch? Does it compliment your space and design esthetics?

Follow these step by step tips on selecting the perfect chair for your space and enjoy the outcome.

Choose the perfect chair for your space with these 5 tips in chair selection. A minimal design keeps it clean, organic and elegant. Let the chair speak for itself, not only in design but through function as well. A beautiful handcrafted chair speaks volumes in any space and can transform the overall look and feel of your home or office. #danishdesign #wishbonechair #minimalchair #chairdesign