3 Things to Know About Scandinavian Design

Modern design meets time tested craftsmanship -

Scandinavian Design is the premier contemporary design for modern home furnishings. Also known as Scandi Boho, it offers clean lines and Nordic appeal. By following these three easy steps, you can capture the lavish, immaculate look of a sleek, clean-lined space. Minimalist furniture is key to the Scandinavian design aesthetic. Marrying a single slab of wood to a metal table base creates both form and function in this mid-century modern design. Accentuating the look and feel of a freshly sanded piece of wood, showcases its natural beauty while drawing you in for a closer intimate look and interaction.

1. Keep it Clean.

Scandi Design is all about clean lines. The more simplistic the design, the cleaner it looks and feels. The appealing look to clean lines creates a respectable and inviting element to the space. It is very captivating, alluring and homey all at the same time, without the sense of being overly sterile.

2. Keep it Light.

Color is very important, if not the most important, aspect to Scandinavian Design. When choosing elements to incorporate, always think bright and light. The traditional aspect to all Scandinavian design is all things Natural. Natural wood finish, Natural lighting, Natural plants. Scandi Furniture Design captures the lavish look and feel of a freshly sanded piece of wood while maintaining the balance of form and function.

3. Keep it Minimal.

Very few elements to Scandi design sway far from clean, light and minimal. Less is definitely more. Declutter knick - knacks; the small worthless objects or ornaments that distract from true design.

Follow these 3 simple steps, and you will be on your way to a beautifully clean and minimal Nordic retreat!

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